Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, even a first-offense conviction can have serious consequences, including the suspension of your driver’s license, jail time and mandatory alcohol education classes. 

It is critical to contact an efficient and proactive attorney as soon as possible after a DUI arrest. At the law firm of Mark A. Smith, P.C., we help clients fight criminal DUI charges and license suspension in Virginia. We have a thorough understanding of DUI/DWI laws in the state and how to protect the rights of our clients throughout the criminal process. 

Criminal penalties can be much harsher for people convicted of multiple and felony DUI offenses. Our firm will pursue every avenue for getting your charges dismissed or reduced, which may include the following:

  • Examining any video evidence or other available documentation to evaluate whether the field sobriety tests were performed properly
  • Investigating the maintenance and calibration records of any breath test machines used as grounds for your arrest and evidence against you
  • Obtaining copies of the initial police dispatch tapes so that we can listen to what the officers were saying at the time you were detained
  • Investigating the reasons behind the officers’ initial stop of your vehicle to make sure they had a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
  • Following through with independent witnesses and reviewing any statements they gave to the officers who arrested you
  • Hiring our own independent investigators to uncover facts not contained in the original police reports as may be necessary

Our experienced lawyer will not simply take the prosecution’s evidence at face value. Our hands-on persistence when it comes to comprehensive DUI defense has helped us get positive results for hundreds of clients.

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