Underage Possession of Alcohol

You’re a parent. You care about what schools your children get to attend, what neighborhoods they’ll live in, which careers they’re going to choose. In a nutshell, their future is at the top of your list of priorities and now you fear this future could be in jeopardy as a result of an underage possession of alcohol charge. Here’s the bad news. You’re right. Minors convicted of underage alcohol possession in and around York County, Virginia run the risk of:

  • Facing higher insurance rates
  • Being suspended or expelled from school
  • Getting a reputation that could hinder their ability to be accepted into the right colleges
  • Losing their driving privileges and more

The good news is these consequences only apply upon conviction.

The years leading up to adulthood are some of the most important years of all. These are the years that define us, the years when pivotal transitions occur that help to shape us into the people we will eventually become and now you fear this transitional period has gotten off to a bumpy start. Your child or loved one has been accused of underage possession of alcohol. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Facts About Underage Possession of Alcohol Charges in the State of Virginia

Of the estimated 8 million Virginians, approximately 955,000 of them fall into the teenage bracket, which is defined by the state of Virginia as the ages between 12 and 20. This age group allegedly accounts for almost 30% of alcohol related incidents statewide. Underage possession of alcohol is one of several underage drinking offenses found in the Virginia penal code, and this particular offense isn’t quite as self-explanatory as it might initially appear. Virginia code 4.1-305 provides a detailed explanation of what is and isn’t expected of the youth in terms of alcohol possession and consumption.

As a general rule of thumb, minors are prohibited from possessing alcohol in York County, Virginia and the surrounding areas including Williamsburg, James City County, Gloucester, Hampton and Newport News. There are, however, exceptions to this clause. High school and college students are permitted to engage in the possession (occasionally even the consumption) of alcohol in a private residence under the supervision of a parent or guardian as long as certain indicators of consumption (like fighting, lewdness, disorderly conduct etc.) are not displayed. This exception is one of many possible criminal defenses that a qualified Yorktown underage possession of alcohol lawyer is likely to review with you.

Building Your Best Possible Defense

Time is of the essence and nothing serves as a greater reminder to this truth than our nation’s youth. If your child or underage loved one has been accused of any of the below listed offenses, you should be fully aware of the fact that a timely reaction to the charge is your key to building the best possible defense. Some of the most common local underage possession charges stem from:

  • Minors possessing alcohol
  • Minors possessing false identification
  • Minors displaying indicators of intoxication such as public drunkenness
  • Minors engaging in lewd behavior induced by alcohol
  • Underage DUI
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • The sale of alcohol to a minor

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